I turned 29 a few months ago and as the celebrations wound down, I started to reflect and realised, I needed to do the cliché thing of creating a bucket list – and completing it – before I turn 30.

I suppose I was creating and ticking off the list as I went along. Married, tick. Baby, tick. But those aren’t really bucket list type of things (well not for me anyway).

Typically, the best things in life tend to be the unplanned, unexpected things. In October 2019, I (randomly) started a month-long internship as a Beauty Intern at Cosmopolitan magazine. Yep, pinch me now. During my time there, I started to redesign my life plan – which is weird for me because it usually takes me an hour to even decide on my Deliveroo order. After 6 years in teaching, I’ve decided to put down the board pen and pursue my teenage dream.

And here we are; The Beauty Intern is born. A collection of articles written by myself (and others) about all things beauty, lifestyle and whatever else I feel like.

One thought on “Hello…”

  1. Well done on this new venture Nassima, we’re behind you all the way.
    Also there’s never anything with Fiona on in the shops either so I’m totally with you.
    Wishing you the best of luck with this.


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