Is customisable beauty still effective or just a marketing hype?

How many of us get giddy with joy when we are gifted personalised accessories? I sure do! Give me anything with my name on it and I will treasure it forever. There’s something quite exclusive and luxurious about having your name on products. With a name like Nassima, it’s highly unlikely that I find my name in gift shop mugs and key rings so it’s always extra special when I can do this for myself.

But this isn’t about personalised labels – it’s about bespoke beauty products. Function of Beauty recently paved the way for this ‘create your own’  beauty revolution and more and more brands are jumping on the hype. Is it just another marketing ploy, or does customising your products actually make them more effective?

Brands are becoming more and more inclusive and beginning to try to cater to all – but is this enough? We live in a time where our demands are becoming more niche and consumers are no longer settling for less. We are all unique, so how can one product suit all? But does this all come at a cost? Does the effectiveness of the product go down as demand for exclusivity increases?

3fb4d558aa5b154e273e5dd73cf085c4Let’s start with Function of Beauty, one of the first and the most known customisable haircare brand. Founded in 2015, FOB filled a gap in the market, allowing you the option to create your own shampoo and conditioner to suit your personal needs. But it didn’t stop there – no. You could also choose a scent – or go unscented – and even select the colour of the product itself. How millennial can this get? And it proved to be a selling point thanks to social media. Soon, more and more of us (myself included) were filling in that hair quiz online and becoming lab technicians in our own homes.
The result? A hair regimen that deep conditioned, hydrated, strengthened, lengthened and defined my curls. Did it deliver? Well, I wasn’t disappointed.

A similar concept to Function of Beauty, with the addition of skin and body care, is A_0008_IMG_1499-copy_grandeBritish born brand Emulsion Cosmetics. It works in a similar way in which you can personalise your skin and hair care, however, all mixes start with a standard base. Each base is natural, unfragranced and suitable for all skin types. You may choose to use one of the many bases on their own, but the fun comes in mixing with the blends and fragrances. You start with a base, add the essential oils and finally the fragrance. The fragrances, I must say, smell divine. Super luxurious and timeless. The way it differs as well is that the mixing is done each time that you use the product which I think is great because you could choose to switch it up from time to time.

Moving on in skincare to a more dermatological approach is the brand Dermatica, offering you personalised prescription treatments. You no longer have to pay to see a c4a2ee02d939ed29031ede214501a79adermatologist before getting a prescription for your acne – from the touch of your phone, you fill out a few questions, send your pictures in and within a few days are sent your prescription treatments. At an affordable £20(ish) a month, this is a fantastic concept. and if your skin is improving (or not), you simply need to update your profile and a dermatologist will be in touch.

I’m pretty sure 2020 will see more and more of these concepts popping up and I’m here for it.

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2 thoughts on “Is customisable beauty still effective or just a marketing hype?”

  1. I love function of beauty, it’s the first hair product that I’ve seen make a dramatic difference to my hair, that even my hairdresser was intrigued. Dermatica sounds like the next thing I need to try. Great post Nassima ❤️


  2. I really need to move to the UK you guys have such amazing and interesting products! Thank you for all the valuable information and selection of products to write about. Now I need to try some new hair products that I can customize


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