Let’s talk about the C word

No, not that one you filthy animal.

C as in, clean. Clean beauty. Do you even know what it means? Well, it depends on what side of the pond you’re on I guess.

Clean: the most overused yet least understood word in the beauty industry.

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clean, adjective

BrE /kliːn/

(cleaner, cleanest)

not dirty

not harmful

not offensive

not illegal

According to the Oxford Dictionary, this simple definition of the word is exactly what you expect your beauty products to be, right? Not dirty or harmful, YES. Not offensive nor illegal…well I hope not!

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Here’s my problem with this, I totally blame careless celebrities who follow trends such as this one and preach them without any solid background knowledge or qualifications. It seems that someone has stuck the clean beauty label on an unrealistic and hypocritical lifestyle. One simply cannot live chemical free. And as a result of their strong influence, it has caught on.

What has happened as a result? Many brands have jumped on the scaremongering bandwagon and used this trend to maximise on the fear and naivety of consumers. Not ok.

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Here’s my take on clean beauty. What should it really entail? It’s 2020, so products should most definitely always be cruelty free – that is a non negotiable. Vegan (if possible), sustainable, recyclable, etc. Brands need to be more conscious and responsible with their carbon footprint and effect on our environment. But unfortunately, here’s the hypocritical take on clean beauty: non toxic, natural, chemical free. Nothing wrong with our products being non toxic (EU regulations are very strict) but the issue is that all chemicals are being branded toxic. All chemicals bro. All of them.


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If you want your products to be chemical free then I can only direct you to Caroline Hirons who will then direct you to the sun worshipping, butthole people. You cannot be saved.

What brands need to understand is that the average consumer is a lot more clued up than 10 years ago yet still try to scaremonger people into buying their products FULL OF CHEMICALS. I also find it ironic that Stateside there are thousands of ingredients banned by the EU yet still used in clean beauty. And just like that we go full circle. I know…

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Brands have jumped on this hype way too aggressively and are monopolising on the manipulation of others. Just because a product is labeled as clean does not necessarily make it any better than a product without. Turn the product around and read the actual inci list.

If you want makeup advice, speak to a qualified makeup artist.

Skincare? An accredited aesthetician.

Actual issues? A whole Doctor.

Here’s what not to do…take the word of a celebrity or Instagrammer as gospel. Do some actual research. Speak to people who hang their certificates on their office walls.

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